Custom Built AK-47s - Now Available!

Highly Custom AK-47s Built and ready to go!

Corsac (the fox) $2800

Sold out! More available soon.

Made by Great Dane AK Armory with all new parts. Cerakoted Artic Black. ME aluminum handguard and railed dust cover, which utilizes ak sights. KPYK aluminum adjustable stock with cheek rest. Forged bolt and trunnion. U.S. made nitrided barrel. FIME trigger group. Balwarus muzzle break. CompMag, if required for CA/NY compliance.

In our opinion, one of the nicest AKs we have ever built.









EL Diablo. $4500

One of 10 that will be built!

Only one available at this time.

Made by Great Dane AK Armory with all new parts. Fully engraved, Parkerized and then Cerakoted. Complete with a US hammer forged barrel, forged trunnion and bolt, spiked flash hider, aluminum grip, and modified Texas Weapons Sytems handguard. Pinned stock and CompMag for CA compliance.