Custom AK Build Options


output-onlinepngtools-87-.pngHere at Great Dane AK Armory we want to build you your ultimate AK. We have many upgrade options to choose from. We can get you the exact look you are going for.

Our base model is Shadowman which comes with black polymer furniture.

Other furniture options include:

Classic wood:

1. Timbersmith Red, Brown, or Black wood stock sets. $189.00

2. Russian Red stock sets. $209.99

3. Polish AKM stock sets (laminated) $149.99


4. Aluminum Handguard rail sets. $49.00-$300.00

5. Tapco AKT6 collapsible stock set. $59.99

6. Tapco Left Hand folding stock. $59.99

7. Tapco Black polymer Hand Guard set with rails. $54.99


Other options can upgrade the ability to mount optics and have a positive impact on how your AK operates. Some of these are:

8. Side scope rail mount. $59.00 installed at the time of the build.

9. Extended ambidextrous mag release (polymer) $12.00

10. Red Star Adjustable trigger. $115.00

11. Texas Weapons System Gen 3 railed dust cover. $170.00

12. Safety selector with hold open and extended thumb tab. $69.00

13. Chrome lined 16" barrel. $150.99



14. Nickel Plating all parts $1200.00

15. Gold Plating all parts $2750.00

16. Cerakote $450.00

17. Parkerizing all metal parts $350.00

Check out the AK Build upgrades section under SHOP+ for some of the options available. In addition to this, we can add any aftermarket AK-47 part or optic to your rifle at the time of your build. Just let us know what you would like.

Thank you.