Custom AKs


Great Dane AK Armory is a Custom Manufacturer of AK-47 Firearms. We specialize in building the best quality AK-47 possible. At Great Dane, we build each and every AK-47 by hand, one at a time, to order. We can build your AK-47 for you to your specifications. Do you want it modern looking? No problem. A classic AK with wood furniture? We have you covered. Not sure what you want? Use the contact form to get a hold of us, and we can discuss it.

As we are a manufacturer, we are generally not open to the public. We will be happy to meet with you by appointment to discuss your future build.

At Great Dane, we believe that building a good AK-47 is an art. It takes time, and a love for the firearm to get it just right. This can't happen on an assembly line. It can only happen when each AK is built by hand, one at a time.

Please DO NOT contact us about any firearm other than an AK-47 or ammo. At Great Dane AK Armory, we just focus on doing one thing and doing it right. Building your custom AK is all we do.

Thank you.

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