Repairs, Upgrades, Kit Builds

We do offer Repairs, Upgrades, Kit Builds, and Refinishing Services.


We are a manufacturer so we can handle most any repair on your AK-47. Please contact us and we can arrange a time for you to come in to discuss it.


Don't like how your AK looks? Do you want better performance or optic mounting solutions? No problem, we have many upgrades for you to explore. AR style adjustable stocks, forward rails, side rails, and even dust cover rails are all possible on the AK. The AR has nothing on the AK when it is done right. We can guide you through many options to upgrade your AK.

Refinishing (Parkerizing).

We can parkerize your firearm to look like new. This includes a complete disassembly of your rifle, removal of the old finish to bare metal, parkerizing to either a black or classic dark grey, reassembly, chamber honing, and test firing.

Parkerizing is the standard coating for AK-47s and is very durable. It will prevent rust and allows gun oil to penetrate the surface. Our parkerizing service starts at $350.00.

We do not refinish your wood furniture as it is much cheaper to just replace it with new wood. If you want new furniture, either you can supply it or we can order it for you at an additional cost.

Kit Builds.

 No time to complete that AK kit you own? No problem. We can build your AK kit, test fire it, and refinish all the metal parts for you for you. We will parkerize it to a nice, durable black or dark grey finish here at the shop. Typically, a kit build will run $650.00 plus the cost of any parts you do not have.

You will need a new receiver for your build. We will NOT use an 80% receiver that you made nor will we complete your 80% receiver for you.

If welding the barrel is required, this will be an extra cost, so a new barrel is recommended.

 We do need to make sure that your AK kit build is up to compliance with both state and federal laws (922r) before it leaves our shop. 922r requires a minimum of 6 U.S. made parts. State compliance can vary. Any parts required to do this that you do not have, we can supply at an additional cost. We can discuss this when you bring in your kit.

Please note that kits you supply do not come with a warranty or guarantee as you are supplying us with used parts and we cannot guarantee them. Also keep in mind that used kits are usually from de-milled rifles, meaning that someone decided to take apart the rifle rather than to keep it as a complete unit. This is often times due to the fact that something was wrong with it or it has passed its useful life span. If we run into issues or bad parts, we can usually fix it or get a replacement part, but this would be an extra cost.



Can Great Dane AK Armory finish my 80% lower for me?

The answer is NO! It is illegal for us to finish your 80% receiver for you, nor will we build a firearm with an 80% receiver that you finished. If the dimensions are even slightly off, it could lead to problems.

We will only build firearms with new receivers!