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Restrictive State Compliance


    Living in a restrictive state such as California, New York, or New Jersey can be difficult for gun owners. At Great Dane AK Armory we have many ways to help keep your AK-47 state legal.

    One way is to simply add an AK-47 CompMag (shown above) which is designed to be fixed, or permanently installed into your firearm depending on which state you live. This device allows you to keep all your features on your AK-47 and is easily loadable through the side of the magazine. Check out more info on the CompMag at COMPMAG.COM

    Another way is to go "featureless" where you do not have an adjustable stock, pistol grip, flash hider, forward grip, thumbhole stock, or bayonet lug (N.Y.). In this instance we can use a "fin grip", a fixed stock, a muzzle break, and remove the bayonet lug for compliance.

    Either way we have an option for you regardless of which state you live in, and will make sure your AK is up to compliance before it leaves the shop.