History of Great Dane AK Armory


Great Dane AK Armory was founded in 1996 by Jan-Steven Merson, a retired California State Peace Officer and former gunsmith business owner. He personally oversaw each AK-47 that left Great Dane, giving each firearm his full attention, ensuring quality, and being able to build custom AK-47s to the customers specifications. Quality was very important as he always strove to make the best AK-47s possible.

Jan and his wife are animal lovers and believers in rescue and adoption. For the last 37 years they have rescued and adopted primarily Great Danes. This led to the name, Great Dane AK Armory.

As remembrance of his past and present Great Danes, he decided to name his AK models after them. Thor, Shadow, Chelsea, and Rascals are among them.

In 2020 Jan decided to retire and Great Dane AK Armory was sold to a longtime friend, David Maga, who owns and created CompMag.

Even though the owners have changed, the quality and care for every rifle that is built here is still intact. We continue to make AK-47s one at at time and stand behind our products.